Episode 2 - Planting In The Desert

In this episode, DeAndre Brooks tells his story of how he came to be running a farm in Englewood that grows fresh produce in a food desert.

DeAndre Brooks is a Woodlawn native who took an unlikely path to urban farming. Today he is the farm manager at Growing Home, a farm and job training program in Englewood.

You can learn more about Growing Home at their website.

Episode 1 - Back To Roseland

In this episode, Roseland native Rayshauna Gray tells her story of how she went from Roseland to Harvard, but not in the way that you'd expect.

Rayshauna Gray is a Chicagoan living in Cambridge. She's thrilled to be living her childhood dream of being a time travelling storyteller. She loves researching with Tufts University's history department, Harvard's History Design Center, and petting all the good dogs in Boston. She’s currently putting the finishing touches on Roseland, a book about the last 200 years of her family's history through the last seven generations of women in her family (out with Belt Publishing in Fall 2019).

Follow Rayshauna: Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and her website.

Here's more info about Rayshauna’s upcoming book Roseland (Twitter thread // Video // Google Boston Talk).

Preview - We're Changing The Narrative

So much of what is said and written about Chicago's South Side is negative. South Side Talks Podcast is changing that narrative. The South Side is more than headlines and statistics. South Side Talks is a podcast that will bring you stories that represent ALL of the South Side. Stories of joy, pain, success, failure, humor, and everyday life. By telling these stories, it allows the residents of the South Side to be seen as they are and should be—as regular people who face life with the same ups and downs as anybody else.